Advanced Artificial intelligence ReasOning Network

Latest News: June 30, 2017. Java interfaces completed, REM sleep training functional. A few more things left.

NOTE: YES, the A.A.R.O.N. project is STILL ACTIVE as of 2017!!! All of the hosted download links here are broken, because we don't really feel like fixing them because we are working on more important things (such as AARON software instead of the website). You _may_ be able to find an old download on some random freeware site, but don't trust it. Most of our efforts have been porting AARON to Java, fixing Neural Network stuff, and adding a plugin framework so you can add your own sensors and motors. Our framework will support the open hardware InMoov robot that can be 3D printed. We are building one in house for testing at the moment and have started posting pictures of our life-size orange/blue robot man.


AARON is the successor to AIB. AARON runs on the .NET Framework Java, uses text-to-speech, speech recognition, vision with a webcam, has programmable calendar tasks, customizable commands, the A.I. is now more than a neural network - it is a "reasoning network", more of a fully simulated central nervous system spiking neural network with components like a Hippocampus, Lateral Geniculate Nucleus, or Putamen, settings such as Dopamine levels, and injectors to temporarily expose the A.I. to virtual stimuli.

iPhone Version

A dumbed-down version of AARON is was available for the iPhone, containing an A.I. similar to AIB from 2003. But Apple charged a yearly fee to just be a developer and keep apps on the store, so we stopped paying them and will no longer consider development for Apple products.


InMoov Robot for A.A.R.O.N.

Latest videos of the InMoov here:





When officially released (newer Java version), A.A.R.O.N. will support an open source plugin framework to add additional input senses and output controllers. We will release this open source library with initial support for the InMoov robot, although any other sensor or motor controller should work great, as long as you can retrieve a value or set it from Java.

Official InMoov Website: http://www.inmoov.fr/

We recommend using the LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer (version 3 or greater) with ABS plastic.

We will never sell pre-made parts for the InMoov robot - It is open-source and can be printed at home, or sometimes even at your local library, or lately hardware stores. You can download the 3D model files from the official InMoov website, and then "slice" them for your specific printer, and print them yourself. We will likely not host original InMoov 3D printing files from our website, but any modifications will be posted.

A.A.R.O.N. Plugin Framework (APF)

The A.A.R.O.N. Plugin Framework is an open-source Java extension library that implements additional features for A.A.R.O.N. software. Create a new class library in Java using the free Eclipse programming IDE, extend from the Sense class, and implement your own input or output Sense for A.A.R.O.N.. When completed, register your new Sense class in the application manifest to add additional inputs or outputs to the neural network. Examples of using the APF include X10 home automation software, Raspberry Pi GPIO pin digital/analog input/output, and Arduino digital/analog input/output.