Isomer ENS

Isomer ENS Emergency Notification System


Isomer Emergency Notification System is a collection of programs used to send notification emails and monitor the desktops of designated emergency machines during a crisis. The system uses three different installation types to satisfy this requirement: Central Server, Emergency Client, Monitor Client. When a user of a system installed with the Emergency Client clicks a button to indicate an emergency is in progress, a notification is sent to the Central Server. The Monitor Clients receive the list of emergencies from the Central Server every 10 seconds, and if a new emergency arrives, a window pops up, prompting the user of the Monitor Client to open a remote viewing session to the Emergency Client's desktop. The Central Server can optionally send custom email notifications using Microsoft Outlook automation/SMTP and can optionally run a custom program per each new emergency received.

System Requirements:

    • Microsoft Windows XP or later
    • Athlon64/Pentium4 or later processor at 1.7GHz
    • 512MB RAM. The Central Server component uses approximately 20MB + 100KB per attached client

Isomer ENS is separated into 3 installer programs. The Central Server component requires registration with Safer Systems. The two client components (Monitor Client and Emergency Client) do not require registration, and can be distributed from your company website to employees.

Isomer ENS is licensed through Safer Systems which also provides tier 1 support.

To request a trial version and quote of SAFER Central software with ENS, visit SAFER Systems at or email SAFER Systems at or call 800-621-7237 / 805-383-9711.

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Press Release

SAFER Systems Plans Release of SAFER Central in September

SUGAR LAND--July 30, 2007--SAFER Systems (Camarillo, California), the recognized global leader in integrated software for chemical emergency response solutions, announces its planned release of SAFER Central in September 2007.

SAFER Central is an innovative approach for companies that utilize a centralized Corporate Response Center (CRC) in combination with their individual plants' Emergency Operations Center (EOC). SAFER Central uses a company's Intranet backbone to connect each plant's SAFER Real-Time(R) emergency response system to the central CRC. In the event of an emergency situation, each site that is linked to the SAFER Real-Time(R) network will receive notification via alarms and emails, which can include contact information such as conference calling instructions. As well, each networked site can view the progress and activities of the EOC as they develop. The company network is used to transmit actual weather and gas sensor data collected at the EOC, and each site can also run its own real-time scenarios of the release.

SAFER Central was developed with Isomer Programming (Williamsburg, Virginia) using their Emergency Notification System (ENS) emulation technology. The system is also useful for assessing legal issues, determining communication strategies as an event occurs, and providing post-event evaluation. Since it is available 24/7, it is valuable for risk studies and safety assessments. The CRC can offer levels of experience and diversity that simply are not possible at the plant. This strengthens the company's ability to deal with a catastrophic event and to assure the best possible response strategy.

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