Negative Flux 3D


    1. Download from the android market: market://details?id=com.isomerprgm.negativeFlux3D
    2. Uninstall in the Android Settings->Applications menu


Negative Flux 3D is a 3d asteroids game for Android that uses the Android device's orientation to project the screen as a viewing window into the virtual space. The controls are simple: Blue: Throttle, Red: Fire, TopRight: Closest Asteroid Distance Indicator, RedLine: Closest Asteroid Targeting. Each asteroid you shoot gives you 1 point, whereas each bullet you use costs 0.1 points. Each asteroid you shoot increases the maximum number of asteroids by 5, which repopulate at a rate of 1 per second randomly within a space around your position. Get hit by one asteroid and you die - game over. High score is displayed on the main screen.

System Requirements:

    • Android 2.1 or later
    • 1GHz processor, accelerometer, digital compass