Old AIB Artificial Intelligence Being


    1. Check that your system meets the requirements:
    2. Microsoft Windows 98 or later
    3. Pentium II or later processor at 233 MHz
    4. 128MB RAM
    1. Run directly from the downloaded file, oldaib.exe
    2. Uninstall by deleting oldaib.exe and the files it creates in the local directory


Old AIB is a text-to-text chatterbot from 2000, intended to be used for entertainment purposes. It was designed in Borland Turbo C++. Old AIB generates its own personality matrix by picking favorites of what it learns.

Begin talking to AIB, referring to AIB as "AIB" (case sensitive). AIB will begin talking by repeating you but will develop his own response sequences based on percentage of occurrence.

Full list of inline commands:

    • #exit - Exits from talking to AIB and goes to the main menu
    • #time - Prints the system time
    • #spell - Allows the user to fix any words that AIB is not spelling correctly
    • #mem - Prints the amount of memory left on computer
    • #name - Change the user name