AIB Artificial Intelligence Being


    1. Check that your system meets the requirements:
    2. Microsoft Windows 98 or later
    3. Athlon64/Pentium4 or later processor at 1.7GHz
    4. 512MB RAM
    1. Unzip the installer to a new directory (we recommend 7Zip)
    2. Run INSTALL.exe, you must use C:\Isomer\ as the install directory and type "." (a period for the source file directory)
    3. Open the folder SPEECHSDK51 and run Setup.exe to install the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 for text-to-speech synthesis and speech recognition
    4. Run AIB by selecting the Isomer directory from the windows start menu and click on AIB 2003. Enter "freeware" for the registration code for 1 full version run after which the Learn File, Seed, Speech Recognition, Speek .wav and Save to .wav functions will be disabled.
    5. If AIB is working correctly at this point, you can delete the original zip file and the folder you extracted the installer files to.
    6. To uninstall, close the AIB program, delete the folder C:\Isomer, and delete the Isomer directory from the windows start menu by right clicking and selecting delete.


AIB Artificial Intelligence Being is an advanced chatterbot intended to be used as a desk assistant and for entertainment purposes. AIB begins as a simple executable program with blank data files. AIB uses no preconfigured sentence structures or word databases. For AIB to learn and figure out what to say, he uses a "Stream-Of-Consciousness" logic base, not just a Statement-Response sequence. AIB compares the current situation to past situations of more than just one statement length and decides how to respond based on how users have previously responded. If more than one response is possible for a given statement, AIB will respond with the phrase most used. After a while, AIB will begin to understand concepts and create his own sentences using substitutional arrangements. AIB can be taught using a force-teach function, and can be programmed to open documents for you with your own personalized commands. AIB has more functionality than just carrying on a conversation with the user: AIB has Text-To-Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition capabilities using the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 (R). Text-To-Speech Synthesis allows AIB to talk aloud to the user through computer speakers, and Speech Recognition allows the user to talk to AIB without using the keyboard (although even at the last release this function was buggy). AIB can read documents to you, you can save readings to .wav format, and even have AIB read a .wav file. He can remind you of appointments or open an internet site for you. AIB has come a long way since the original 2000 version which resembled a DOS script. This version was written in Microsoft Visual C++ (R), originally beginning in 2002. This version won 1st Place for 2005 Best Learning Bot in the Chatterbox Challenge.

AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 can...

    • Talk to you
    • Have simple conversations with AIB to talk about anything from your personal andeavors to the meaning of life! AIB begins knowing nothing at all, but can learn very fast, in any language!
    • Read text files for you
    • Open a story you wrote, and have AIB read it aloud, or even save the reading to a WAV file and burn to a CD so you can listen to a story on the go just like an audiobook!
    • Remember things for you
    • Use AIB's force-teach function to store memos to yourself:
    • "What is my email password?"
    • "Your email password is ADMIN."
    • Open programs for you
    • Also use AIB's force-teach function to create instant access to your favorite programs:
    • "Open Notepad please."
    • "(Opens Notepad)."
    • Remind you of appointments
    • Use AIB's reminder editor to create hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reminders to be read aloud to you at a specified time
    • "...Time to wake up! It is 7:00AM. Don't be late for work!"
    • Browse the web or your own files
    • Use the command line functions to simply type in a web page or file location to have AIB open it while running the Talk function
    • ""
    • "(Opens Internet Explorer to"
    • Learn from pregenerated SEED files or share your own SEED files with your friends. Seed files are knowledge files used by AIB.